Win A $50 Gift Certificate!

Enter photos taken with your iPhone, iPad, or camera.


There are four contests each year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The winner of a quarterly contest gets to choose the winner of the next contest.

VMUG Photo Contests are open to all forum members. If you are not already a member of the forum click the Register link on the forum page to join.

Photos can be in colour or black and white.


How to Enter

To watch a video showing how to enter the contest go to

To enter go to and click the topic title for the current contest (eg. Fall 2017 Photo Contest).

Click Post Reply.

Attach your photo as described here:

Enter a title for your photo.

Click the Submit button.


Contest Dates


Fall Contest: Begins Sept. 1, entries must be posted by midnight Nov. 30.

Winter Contest: Begins Dec. 1, entries must be posted by midnight Feb. 28.

Spring Contest: Begins Mar. 1, entries must be posted by midnight May. 30.

Summer Contest: Begins June. 1, entries must be posted by midnight Aug. 31.

Winners for each season’s contest will be chosen at the closing of each contest.

Winners of each season’s contest will automatically be entered for the Annual Grand Prize.

Seasonal prizes are a $50 gift certificates from Lens and Shutter.
The Grand Prize is yet to be determined.