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Hello Everyone,

Happy relaxing of COVID-19 guidances. We are continuing on with the Zoom matings for the coming General Meeting on Wednesday 13th May. Thank you to everyone who provide such reassuring feedback. We’re all delighted that you enjoyed last month’s online session.
This month we will be doing a foray into some of the note-taking apps that I’ve come across since I’ve had an iPad Pro, or more importantly an Apple Pencil. For those of you who have known me for a while, you’ll know that I will mow my way through various apps until I find just the right one for my needs. Along the way, there are so many wonderful differences to highlight.
Charles Martin will also be doing a review of Apple’s recently announced iPhone SE, and All is going to talk about the immense task that Telus and Shaw are undertaking to shift away from providing email service—Alan’s prescience has definitely given way to a real event taking place, and what steps you need to take to preserve your email functionality and (for some) privacy.
See you soon!
Aitan Roubini, President