President’s Message – April 2017

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aitan-243x320 copyWelcome to another edition of MacTalk.

Isn’t spring in Victoria amazing? As I take a couple of snap-happy opportunities to capture the moment, I stop and take in the wonder that is my iPhone. On some level it’s sad that after such a dreary winter, I would be so distracted from the bloom by my smartphone, but here I am capturing 12 megapixel images on a phone the size of a Nestle Crunch.

12 megapixels of gorgeous, saturated detail. Unsurprisingly of course, by the time I awaken from my Apple-induced, vacuous stupor, Victoria’s changeable weather has left me under darkened sky. But how often do you stop and wonder? How often do you stop to look at that iPhone and iPad and marvel at its immense strides forward.

I suspect that this years World Wide Developer Conference will wow us again on some level. We don’t really have time to appreciate how lucky we are to have such elegant technology—in a few months, even my shiny new phone will be no doubt overshadowed by something even greater.

Accompanying this bewilderment toward the technology in my hand, I find myself doing a fair amount of business consulting that is pulling me back into the world of Microsoft—albeit nicely protected within the enclave that is my Apple world. In order to stay abreast of a sweeping push toward Microsoft’s very robust cloud-based Office 365 platform, I find myself actually appreciating how far Microsoft has come in the last few years.

Long gone is the debacle that was Entourage disguised at Outlook 2011. Those awful programs seem like a really distant memory. I find myself using a very slender and fast Outlook for Mac that appears to be in a completely different class than that of its predecessors. Perhaps in the coming months, I will take the opportunity to show you all how different the experience is from what we were so jaded by.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to doing a neat little review of some of the power features in Mail for macOS and iOS. I’ll be taking a backseat to Charles as he takes us through our first foray into smart home technology with Smart Lightbulbs and HomeKit. We’ll even have two Elgato Avea bulbs for you to win in the prize draw.

I look forward to seeing you all at the general meeting. All the best!