Mail on iPhone iOS 14.5


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Have new iPhone and upon setting up the mail prefs I find I cannot receive mail.... I can send it ok.
I have check the setting of an existing iPhone and they are the same..... but the new IPhone does not understand that is should receive mail...
Terribly anti social for sure!!!!

What gives?


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You don’t say which provider you have, but the first thing I would do is double check that your password is OK by checking the webmail site ( or Gmail if you’re on Telus).

Shaw has a webpage on their site that will tell you what the settings ought to be for an IMAP email account.

If that doesn’t work, the best solution is to delete the email account from the iPhone and add it back in starting fresh. Generally, the phone will try to set the parameters automatically.


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Thanks Charles. I am with Web Hosting Canada. I got in touch with them and got the matter straightened out.
Seem that there was some modification in the set up for Apple mail that I should have paid attention to as per thier last notice.
I was not important at the time as I was using and IPhone 7. Up grading to S X Max cause problems.... All is fine now.