tvOS 11.1 is out, fixes KRACK vulnerability


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VERY IMPORTANT: Apple has today issued tvOS 11.1, which includes a few various bug fixes but super-importantly contains protection against the KRACK wi-fi vulnerabilities. If you are running tvOS 11 it is extremely important that you update to this version asap. If you're not on tvOS 11 yet, now is the time to update to it.

There is also an update for macOS (10.13.1), iOS (11.1), and watchOS (4.1), with protections against the KRACK vulnerability, so you should also update your other Apple devices as appropriate.

If you're just hearing about KRACK here for the first time, it is a major vulnerability in Wi-Fi that allows for data to be intercepted and decoded. The bottom line is you should avoid using public Wi-Fi as much as possible until your device is updated to protect it, and -- as we have said for years now -- definitely avoid anything that involves sensitive data when using public Wi-Fi until you can update your devices. Even your own home Wi-Fi network could conceivably be compromised if you live in an area where you have lots of neighbours close by (apartment buildings, etc) or lots of Wi-Fi networks around. This affects all platforms to some extent, though Android devices are especially vulnerable. You might also check with your router's manufacturer to see if a KRACK-protecting firmware update is available.

EDIT: Sierra (10.12) and El Capitan (10.11) now have a security update available that protects them from the KRACK vulnerability. More information here: