Using VLC to convert video files


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Hello all I have a game cam which records video, unfortunately in the AVI format, which is not read natively by Mac's Quicktime software. I had installed VLC some time ago to read these AVI files, which can be quite numerous when I attempt to browse through the batch. Therefore it is a bit of a pain in the butt to not be able to use Mac Photos to quickly review the videos. In any case I am trying to convert the AVI to something universally read, like I believe, MP4 files. An article I read suggested VLC could do this but my version does not offer that code, it does have M4v which my mac doesn't read. I have clicked the update button in VLC and it has not chosen to update itself. The VLC version is 3.0.8.
My Macbook Pro is running 10.15.7.
I am upcoast at my cabin with a bit of a limitation on my data, but what's the best approach???