A-TV will not play the video of home movies


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Dick":1akj5y6b said:
Our 2nd generation A-TV has just started to act up.
Our stuff: iMac 27, OS 10.11.6, iTunes
We use our iPad Air, with Remote app, to connect to the A-TV ... 7.5.5
A full screen of icons appears and we select "Computer"
We wish to view one of our home movies and select one.
We then see a flash of the video and then the screen tells us to enter our password.
In the meantime, the audio of the chosen video plays on.
We enter our password and a new window insert tells us that someone near Vancouver BC is (doing whatever) and do we wish to (ignore or continue - or such) and upon making a choice (can't remember which) we're presented with six digits are to be entered "upon your device".
It would likely be your iPhone or Mac -- some device you have registered with Apple as part of your iTunes account. This sounds like you've got "two-step verification" turned on. It also sounds like someone in Vancouver BC has access to your iTunes password (kid? relative?), which could be causing additional issues. That six-digit request is an example of two-step -- a text message to your registered phone number or message to your Mac has been sent and it requires you to enter it onto the iPad in order to verify that it is you.

If this is really a second-generation Apple TV (grey box) rather than a third-gen (black box), that could also be the cause of the issue, as the 2nd gen is no longer supported. Have you tried just using the remote that comes with the Apple TV? Does that produce different results?