Calendar problems - two


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My spouse sends from her laptop MS Windows 10 Outlook Calendar updates and when received in Mail on iMac, I would open to install on my Calendar and accept. The diary notation is still made but the popup for Accept has stopped and therefor it can no longer confirmed back.

When I book a diary event in Mail, I add her email address to "Add Invitees". This also has stopped working - a popup indicating an address card of myself needs to be created in Contacts in order to send invitations. That has been created for a very long time now but I deleted it and re-created but does not accept it. This has happened a couple of time before but with out me doing anything, started working again. But no longer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - incompatible diaries is not a good thing.



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I haven't been able to test this, but I did take a quick look at noticed that on my iOS devices, any changes Heather made to our shared calendar had notifications in the "inbox" that I could click "ok" to accept -- but the inbox on my Macbook is silent on the matter. Could be a bug in Big Sur. I'll see if I can test this further.