Correction re sound but no picture.


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I must have been tired when I posted this on the Forum.
Please note the correction re sound and picture on Apple TV.

I have an external DVD player. In the sound preferences, Apple TV is chosen. I play a dvd on my external DVD player through my computer and get the sound only …. but no picture on our TV -
iMac 2.8 GHz Intel core i5 El Capitan 0S X 10.11.3

What is required to get the picture to happen.



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The following are 2 posts I did today on the listserv, repeated here in case it is helpful to forum readers.

I should have jumped in long ago, but today I have been fighting my own demons…

When I first read about this last night, I thought it would be easy to test, and then relay to you the settings that worked for me.

So late at night I tried the same thing and on my TV via Apple TV I got the sound but no picture. So much for telling you settings that work! I tried a few settings changes but got nowhere so gave up for the night.

I haven’t been back to look at it today, but I would note that my external DVD player connects to my iMac via Firewire 400, so the fact that yours connects by USB can perhaps be eliminated as a cause if that thought ever comes up.

I guess the next thing I would try (when I get some more time today perhaps) is to try the same DVD in my internal drive and see what I can get on the Apple TV / TV set. That may provide some clues depending on the result.

I am using El Capitan and can’t recall if you are on the same OS. It would be nice to hear from someone who can actually see the picture of such a DVD showing up via their Apple TV and then we may get to the differences in our setups more quickly.

OK, I have now had time to try the internal drive to play the DVD and send it to the Apple TV.

I inserted the DVD into the internal drive and DVD Player launched as before. On my iMac I could see the video and hear the audio.

I then turned to Airplay and selected the Apple TV. This time I got a message that DVD Player couldn’t work with that setup (Sorry I have lost the actual wording and a subsequent attempt didn’t produce the error message.)
In any case, the sound was now playing on the TV and a blank (grey) screen appeared where I expected to see the video. This was exactly what I had found last night using the external drive.

But I quit DVD Player, turned Airplay off and launched VLC. Then I opened the DVD in VLC and saw video and heard audio on the iMac screen. Next I turned Airplay back on and selected Apple TV and behold - I had both audio and video on my TV set.

As a final test, I put the DVD into my external drive, and launched VLC. All was great running the DVD on my iMac screen. Finally I turned Airplay back on and selected the Apple TV. “It just works”.

The moral here: VLC is your friend.