Linkedin learning access and Changes to the Public Library


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Recently Chas mentioned the Linkedin Learning from the public library. I decided to check out something I was looking for at Linkedin Learning. I discovered there have been changes to the Library system (GVPL). Linkedin Learning is difficult to find unless you follow this process. I found this out because I could not access it as I had used to and called the library and they gave me new instructions. The website was changed a few weeks ago and they are experiencing some issues.

Now you need to access the library signing in using This takes you to the new main page. To access Linkedin Learning go to the "Quick Links" on the lower right side and click on "Access Digital Collections". This opens all the digital collections maintained by the Library. Linkedin Learning and Kanopy (free movies and a great site for old film buffs like me) are the 19th and 20th items in the collection.

It's a great list of resources including Hoopla (Instantly access movies, music, audiobooks, comics, TV shows and more) as well as a small engine repair (A guide to repairing small engines on vehicles, boats, tractors and more) which came in handy this past summer when my lawnmower quit. I was able to fix it myself using this link.

Cheers, David

Wendy W

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Hi David, Thanks for posting. I love the Library... a great resource. I checked this out... something I hadn't looked at in a while. Good to be reminded!