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    chas_m replied to the thread Wi-fi extender.
    I could do an entire class on this topic, but before you buy any sort of extender, first change your Wi-Fi network to use the 2.4GHz...
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    David posted the thread Wi-fi extender in Mac OS X.
    Hi All, Recently my Wi-fi connection for my MacBook Pro has fallen off dramatically. Right next to the WiFi router its a whopping 450...
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    chas_m replied to the thread Malwarebytes Question.
    I'm going to add a small caveat to my original reply, which is that I was referring to the boxed version you buy in a store. I'm not 100...
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    chas_m replied to the thread iOS15 for iPhone 7+.
    Depending on when Apple stops offering the latest version of iPhone for the iPhone 7, you only have two years beyond that to receive...
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    chas_m replied to the thread iCloud Mail.
    Somewhere you have a filter (“rule”) that all email sent to your iCloud address should be marked as junk. It’s nothing to do with Shaw...
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    chas_m replied to the thread 'Kernel Panic' ???.
    Yes, reformat the backup drive to APFS or Mac OS Extended, reset the Time Machine app to use the external drive, and that should solve...
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    chas_m replied to the thread Malwarebytes Question.
    Date of activation, not date of purchase.
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    Can you not just highlight the On My Mac contacts and drag them into the iCloud group?
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    chas_m replied to the thread Headphones for TV Listening ??.
    First order if business is to determine if the TV has a headphone jack, and/or RCA audio out, and/or optical. Since you mention its an...
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    Apple User Group Bulletin - November 15, 2021 ...................................................................... Many groups do not...
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    DaveGia replied to the thread 'Kernel Panic' ???.
    Dave, Thank you for this...My iMac was purchased in 2015 and is using the latest version of Big Sur.
  • DaveWT
    DaveWT replied to the thread 'Kernel Panic' ???.
    You didn't mention how old the iMac is, or what version of macOS you are using. The Partition Map used should be Guid Partition Map...
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    DaveGia posted the thread 'Kernel Panic' ??? in Mac OS X.
    I recently bought a WD 2TB My Passport SSD External Portable Drive to handle my automatic daily backups on my iMac. I formatted it as...
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    tfindlay replied to the thread Contacts Confusion.
    On the phone go to Settings. Tap on the owner's name at the top then tap on iCloud. Make sure Contacts is on. On the Mac go to System...
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    DaveS replied to the thread Pop-up message.
    It appears that just clicking on the "attach files" button below isn't enough. Anyhow, I found the source of the issue through another...