Missing All inboxes in Mail "Favorites"


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A friend called and asked how to get back "All inboxes" that she had showing under "Favorites" as it has now disappeared.
She is running Mac OS Ventura 13.6.3 on her MBAir.
I always have had mine showing as per the attachment and assumed these were automatically listed in the Mail app. If not showing do you turn them on somewhere? Her Favorites "arrow" is pointing down and only showing two items she tells me, being "All Drafts" and "Flagged". Are these missing folders something she could have somehow thrown away or moved? I thought the All inboxes and All sent auto populated when you added your various email accounts to show in Mac Mail.
Thanks, Colin
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Colin, I won't be much help because I only have one account handled by my Mail app. But one suggestion: You mentioned her "Favorites "arrow" is pointing down". Just to the left of that Favorites arrow is a "+" sign. If she clicks on that she should see this box:

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 10.43.47 PM.png

Then if she uses the pulldown arrows on the right side, I wonder what that would reveal?



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Her favourites arrow is down and only showing the folders for "All Drafts" and "Flagged". All the rest are missing! I'm just trying to determine if the "All Inboxes" folder is an automatically generated one within the Mail program or if one can add it back the way you mentioned then add her three missing mail boxes within it again or if a larger problem is showing up here?


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She probably turned off "All Inboxes."

If you are in Mail and can see the word "Favourites" as in Colin's screenshot, move the mouse to point ON the word "Favourites" and a plus sign will appear. Click on that, click on "Mailbox to Add," and "All Inboxes" should be the top choice.


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Thanks Chas. I will try to do a screen share with her when she is back in town and check that possibility out with her.