Numbers, Pages, Photos slow loading and stalling with activity

Doug Bell

MB Air 2018 16 GFB RAM 256GB SSD. running 14.4.1 also using iCloud for storage (~ 120 GB / 200 GB)
Today my major apps are very slow to load and stall completely when I try some activity. Need to force close each of them, but still doesn't work. They all worked very well yesterday!
I set up a new account on my computer and they work fine.
I have turned off all automatic loading of programs on start-up but this didn't help. I have run Disc First aid.
Quite a few non-apple apps seem to be working. I can access my files and the apps on iCloud but want the full capabilities of the main programs such as Photos on the MacBook Air.

What's Up ? Suggestions?

Doug Bell

Hi Chas, I have 293 GB available. and today Numbers & Pages & Photos are working fine!
I am happy, but how would it correct itself overnight! Thanks for responding. I just hope it doesn't happen again.

Doug Bell

Same problem loading Numbers & Pages occurred today. Due to latest Fantastical update !?
Three days ago my Numbers and Pages apps would not load properly so were useless. After many attempts to solve this. With Fantastical deleted from my computer and restarting the computer. they work fine. I tried this several times after downloading the free Fantastical from the Apple App Store. Until I open Fantastical for the first time after the download, Numbers and Pages work fine, but once Fantastical has been open once and closed then they don't work. I have had automatic updates running for years so I suspect the latest Fantastical update four days ago has caused this.
I have been using the free app. I note that my iPhone using Fantastical v. 3.8.14 still loads Numbers fine. I won't be downloading the V 3.8.15 which came out four days ago!. I sent this note to Fantastical.


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I think you've identified the source of the bug, but what a weird connection. Hopefully the folks at Fantastical have investigated and fixed any problems on their end.