Strange Mail issue recently


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Hopefully someone can point me to a setting I need to change... A friend (PC, Windows 11) regularly forwards me a newsletter he receives from a car club he belongs to. In the past I have had no issue opening it to read on my M2 Mac Mini (Sonoma 14.5). But the last two issues were different. As he forwards it to me he adds a line like "Here it is" at the beginning. What I see when I receive it is just that line. The rest is blank (and no amount of scrolling reveals anything else.) Next I open the email on my iPhone 15 Pro (iOS 17.5.1) and it is all there! So I forward it back to my Mac and when I get it back, again it is all there! Finally, if I reply to the one initially received from my friend, the reply shows the initial line ("Here is is") and then a page of white space, but then as I scroll down I get all the headers from the email from the car club followed by another page of white space and then finally, the actual content. So what is happening to the original copy I receive that blanks out all the content?



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I’m not too clear on why your iPhone email and your Mac email aren’t in sync, eliminating the need to “forward” anything.

It’s hard to guess at what might be happening without knowing more about the car club newsletter and what format your friend receives it in.

They might try saving the newsletter to the desktop in PDF format and then creating a new email to you and including it as an attachment.


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Thanks for your thoughts, Chas. The iPhone email and the Mac email are in sync, so that the original email was received on both devices. The problem is that the Mac version hid all the content while the iPhone version showed it properly. The forwarding I did from the iPhone back to the Mac was just a test I did to see if what I received back from the iPhone to the Mac would show the content when the original email on the Mac didn't.

The email that the car club sends out is distributed by MailChimp to its members. It contains some news for members as well as links to the newsletter I am interested in, as well as links to other information such as club barbecues etc. that I am not interested in, not being a member. The link to the newsletter takes me to a website where I read the newsletter.

The friend who is a car club member and forwards me this email, is VERY non tech and asking him to save the newsletter as a PDF and just email that to me, is way beyond what I would ask him to attempt.

Just curious about all this as until the last two issues these emails came through properly on my Mac and I am not sure if I changed something to alter this behaviour or not. Not the end of the world as I know how to get past it, but it could be better!