Apple TV and Homepod Minis


So I bought another homepod mini to make a stereo pair with my AppleTV 4k, that works great.

However, now I cannot use the minis as AirPlay speakers and push music to them from my iPhone or iPad. As soon as I unpair them, reset them and add them to Home app they reppear in the AirPlay speaker list and work fine, but as soon as I make them the ATV stereo pair, they vanish but are listed under the AppleTV. I have an outstanding support call to Apple with them to call back.

I guess people will say, why push to AirPlay if you can play music via the ATV music app ok? Well yes I can, but I have to turn on the TV etc, whereas one should be able to do Handoff from the iPhone or iPad or just say “hey siri play bla bla bla” which fails now.

Anyone else have HomePods as stereo pairs and they still appear in AirPlay speaker list?

steve f


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Hopefully good news -- I believe today’s 15.1 tvOS fixes this issue.

I have two full-size HomePods in use as TV speakers, and we can Airplay to them without issue. Not updated yet (you can do this in the Home app, otherwise they’ll just automatically pick it up in a few days.


Thanks Chas but I had been trying iOS15.1 all afternoon today with no luck.
But it is resolved now - somehow, in Applle TV settings, AirPlay was OFF! So nothing would reach it from my phone or ipad. I had not turned that off of course, unless adding the 2nd mini caused that, but don’t see why it would. It would be easy to test that, but will leave that for another day.
Anyway, fixed now!