Apple Watch Series 6 with Telus Cel - Check your monthly Telus bill !


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Telus customers who have this arrangement like mine might want to check their monthly statements for additional charges.

I selected the Cel capable model of Apple series 6 watch purchased thru Telus and added it to my monthly mobility bill.
The phone number of my iPhone was connected by Telus to my watch for being able to receive calls. This was to work if I was away from the iphone or out without the iphone in my possession. As I had only answered it separately a couple of times it never occurred to me there might be any additional charges for answering a call on the Apple watch. Well there is/was !!

I contacted Customer Support about my Telus bill and questioned why there was a small charge for calling when my plan has unlimited Canada Wide Calling including the US. The bill clearly stated I had called FROM my iphone number to an "number I did not recognize" but one that the bill listed as being in Victoria BC. I took the opportunity to ask why I was paying anything extra for a local call. I was informed by the Telus customers support lady it listed my call as having been "call forwarded" and my that my cel plan did not include this feature, hence I was paying for it. I politely explained that this logic was not the case since I had not set up any call forwarding on my iphone and the bill clearly said that the call originated FROM my iphone to this unknown number. This required that she re-direct my call from her Customer Support level to Technical support. She first agreed to reverse the extra charge.

The tech support lady determined the two calls that had been charged onto my bill were in fact the only two calls I had answered so far on my new Apple watch when I did not have my iPhone in my possession.

She indicated this is a known GLITCH with Apple watch used with Telus Cel's. She stated the charges would be reversed and she then set up a Telus Ticket number for higher level technicians to change the program codes they put in place. The tech indicated my iphone service DOES in fact have call forwarding as part of its service and should not apply charges to doing a call forward from my iphone to any other phone and my Apple watch should certainly NOT be adding charges to my calling any local numbers. They apparently will contact me back to confirm their remedy works and that this does not continue to happen.

So my suggestion for any Telus customer with an Apple watch with Cellular:
Perhaps check your statements to see if they have any of these additional charges showing up and contact Telus to reverse them. I will say they were very good at the technical support level to trace down this issue as applied to the my Apple Watch. One specific charge I was able to verify time and date to having received the call on my watch as an exact circumstance of being with-out my iPhone, so this was verification both for Telus and myself that they were on the right track to resolve the issue. (This was about two hours after starting my"online chat" with Telus and a then transferred to a phone conversation with technical support) !!