James Patterson


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Alex Cross series , just finished "Deadly Cross". Have enjoyed this detective series for a number of years now.


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James Patterson is a great read. I've been downloading his newer novels as audio books from the library. I try to listen to them while I fall asleep. The problem is it puts me to sleep so quickly the book is due back before I finish it!

Just reading Steven Pressfield's book called "The Lion's Gate - On the front lines of the Six Day War" It's a great read and follows the exploits of real soldiers. It follows the war from the beginnings through to the end of hostilities. It's a compelling account of a small nation with an equally small armed forces who begin the war with almost airplanes - 24 pilots who were retired El Al pilots or raw trainees. They cobbled together purchased abandoned airplanes and pieced together different types of aircraft to make a somewhat airworthy craft. They even stole airplanes by renting them in other countries and flying them to Israel where they were refitted for war! Nothing was beyond their imagination or skills. I highly recommend the book if you were curious about the Six Day War. There are comparisons to what's going on today with Russia.

Cheers, David