Summer ticket purchased


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Hello Terry,

I bought 3 tickets for the summer draw (June 29) via PayPal and I have not received my tickets. Please check. I can forward confirmation if required.


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I don't think any actual (or even virtual) tickets are being sent out. My understanding is that your paypal receipt is all you get and your name and phone # are added to your ticket by Bill in case yours is drawn. If you'd like confirmation that Terry or Bill got your purchase, email


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I received a scan of my ticket purchase. Looks just like the one I would have received if I had purchased at a real meeting. Remember those? :)


I just purchased 3 tickets right now and was expecting to receive 3 numbers in return as confirmation. Or are these tickets in the ether? Would anyone know what their actual ticket numbers are? I have sent a note to Terry & Bill via the webmaster email address above as well.