What are you reading?


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I'm reading Empire of Gold. It's the third book in a trilogy set in the fantasy world of Daevabad. There is much adventure, political maneuvering and magic in these books. As in a lot of adult fantasy the plot is complex and the characters are many but the author does a good job of keeping it all together. I recommend this book to those who like exotic locales, well drawn characters, and twisting plot lines along with their magic.


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I'm going to self-define this as "reading for pleasure," since I have to do a lot of reading for work that is considerably less fun but necessary.

The next thing on my list is a copy of John Cleese's most recent autobiography, "So Anyway," and then a re-read of "Fata Morgana," a gripping WWII flight story married to a sci-fi/fantasy story that was written by a friend of mine.