Trouble loading Malwarebytes on my new iPhone SE


This is my first iPhone (SE) and I'd like to load Malwarebytes on it. Every year I purchase several copies of Malwarebytes and store one away for the following year. This year I've loaded it on to my iMac and MacBook Pro with out any problems. But my iPhone is a different story. It seems the only way to load Malwarebytes on to my Phone is by going thru the Apps program. However I already paid for the program and don't need to purchase it. But the way the Apps program works it seems I must sign in and purchase at the time. I tried going to the website (on my iPhone) using Safari but cannot find a way to download my "license key" on the iPhone. When I click on iOS it sends me to the App Store and we have an endless loop...

I don't imagine I'm the only person who is loading their third licence Malwarebytes onto their iPhone. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue are very welcome. Cheers, David