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Our Apple devices—and particularly our iPhones—are the keys to our digital lives. That’s why Apple goes to such lengths to provide features that help us keep our devices and data private. But we all have people with whom we share some level of access—and that’s a good thing because interpersonal relationships require some level of trust. Unfortunately, housemates move out, relatives succumb to addictions, romances sour, and marriages end, sometimes acrimoniously. We certainly hope none of these things ever happen to you, but if they do, you should revisit what you share with other people. You don’t want to allow a vengeful ex to stalk you because you failed to turn off location sharing.

Apple has now published “Device and Data Access when Personal Safety Is At Risk,” a clear, sensible PDF guide to the many ways of sharing data using Apple devices and services, explaining what is shared, how you can tell with whom you’re sharing, and how to turn off the sharing. Apple even notes when the people with whom you’re sharing will and will not see a notification that you’ve disabled sharing. Particularly welcome are three checklists at the end. They help you determine if anyone else has access to your device or accounts, stop sharing data with someone who previously had access, and make sure no one else can see your location. Highly recommended!

Location Sharing in Settings

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